Start Enjoying Online Keno

Nigeria’s most glamorous online casinos, all available right here for your playing convenience, are offering their patrons the opportunity to sample the delights of Keno. This is a lottery-styled game that recreates the excitement and thrill of players enjoying it live when you decide to give it a try virtually.

This is a wildly popular game worldwide, both online and off, in which players try to guess which numbers will be randomly drawn out of a possible 80, and win amounts of money based on how many they correctly guess. If you are new to the game, do not worry about having to learn the rules, as they are very simple and you are able to try the game in free mode until you are absolutely certain you understand them.

How to Play Online Keno

Players make use of a Keno card, which is numbered from one to 80, in eight rows of ten numbers. They then select between one and 20 numbers, marking them off on the card, but this number varies from casino to casino. The numbers you select at this stage are those that you will place your bets on, and you will be paid out if any of these are eventually drawn. The card is submitted, and the draw takes place.

A random number generator is used to select the winning numbers, and players are paid according to the pay table specifics featured at the casino they are enjoying their time at. These vary as well, so be sure to investigate the rewards before you begin play.

Choosing a Casino at Which to Enjoy Your Online Keno Game

It can be a real stress and hassle trying to determine which casinos of the hundreds on offer is the best value for money, and so we have created this website to bypass this process for you. Our reviewers have compiled a list featuring only those regulated, licensed casinos that made the cut, so the selection process is a far simpler one for you. Sit back, relax, and put your focus where it should be –in selecting the correct numbers from the online Keno card in front of you!

TOP online keno CasinosApril 2024
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You Choose How You Like to Play Online Keno

The software options are in place so that every player’s preferences can be catered to, and you will be able to enjoy the Nigerian casino games you love to play the way you like to play them. Small downloads that offer extended features and more games are available for players who like to do so, and the instant-play versions are all available too, in case time or personal preference demands this method of online gambling enjoyment.

Pick Up and Play Online Keno, Wherever You Are

You no longer have to commute back and forth to a land-based casino in order to enjoy the Keno games you love to play, as the wealth of Nigerian online casinos is laid before you for your convenience. Start winning big while you have fun and enjoy the excitement of your favourite games without having to leave the house!